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Butts County will be a safe and secure community with the best in public safety services. The well-being of our citizens is paramount as we give full support and encouragement to quality health care options and education excellence for the people of Butts County as our community grows…Strategic Priorities of Butts County


  • Removing stray and uncared for animals from the community
  • Sheltering and caring for animals
  • Helping to find homes for animals whenever possible
  • Responding to Citizen calls for service
  • Educating the community about the responsibilities of pet ownership and care

The Butts County Animal Welfare Department is directly concerned with removing stray, uncared for animals from the community, seeing that they are properly sheltered and cared for and to assist with helping current strays to become future pets. This page is is intended to provide citizens with information about our shelter as well as a number of resources that can be accessed to get more information about dogs and cats in need of a home. Our goal is to help every animal that comes into our shelter find a home and a new family. Numerous studies show that pets can be a very positive force in a person’s life, providing love, companionship and even security. Children can learn responsibility in caring for a pet while gaining a longtime playmate who gives back much more than the costs of pet ownership. Interested in adopting a pet? Here is who we are and how to reach out to us:


  • Amanda Cooper, Animal Welfare Supervisor


158 Bibb Station Road
Jackson, Georgia 30233
Office 770-775-8011
Office Hours M-F, 8AM-5PM except on approved holidays as posted.

If you don’t get an answer, please leave a message! Our attendants are sometimes away from the telephone caring for the needs of our shelter guests or assisting citizens visiting the shelter. Your call will be returned.

If you have an animal related EMERGENCY, please call 9-1-1 which is available 24 hours a day.

We usually have a variety of dogs and cats available to choose from at the shelter and there are new arrivals each week.

Websites & Social Media:

Numerous groups and organizations have committed to help our shelter find families for animals. Some specialize in dogs, some in cats and some for all animals. The following is a list of organizations and their websites that we work with and that can also help you find that perfect companion, get assistance with spaying and neutering and other services. We will add new links as they become available to expand the information available to you.

Adopt a Pet

Butts County Animal Control Volunteers on Facebook

ButtsMutts on Facebook

Help Spay and Neuter Clinic

My Budget Vet


Winging Cat Rescue

How You Can Help

Oftentimes, the needs of an Animal Shelter surpasses the resources available. Donations are always welcome and 100% of everything donated goes to help care for the animals we shelter, including but not limited to food, veterinary attention and sheltering. We will always welcome the following:

      • Blankets
      • Collars
      • Financial Contributions*
      • Grooming Aids
      • Leashes
      • Pet Food
      • Pet Supplies
      • Pet Treats
      • Pet Toys
      • Tax Deductible Contributions
      • Towels
      • YOUR TIME-Find out how you can volunteer to help by giving us a call!

*Checks should be made out to “Butts County” and in the “For” area, write “Animal Shelter Donation”

Visit to obtain additional pet information.